Big News…Huge!

Today is a…WOW, it’s dusty in here! Is that a normal spider’s web hanging from that chandelier or has some kind of dino-spider moved in? Seriously, I need to get busy with the feather duster, don’t I?

Anyway, what I came in here to say was…today is a momentous day and not just because I have remembered my password for this blog. No, today is momentous because it is the day I can finally tick off a long-term goal on my bucket list – to get a publishing deal for my adult writing. I am proud and excited to reveal that my novella series, The Star and Sixpence, is going to be a Digital First title with the very fabulous Simon and Schuster!

You can read all about it over at the brilliant Books and the City. I am completely over the moon because back when I was a tiny Holly, dreaming of becoming a writer, women’s fiction was what drew me in and I cut my teeth on reading fabulously funny titles by Jill Mansell, Chris Manby and Jane Costello (among many many other fantastic writers). It was always my dream to write the kind of books I loved to read and now here I am at the start of an amazing journey to seeing my name next to the writers I really admire.

There will be lots more details to come, including extracts and giveaways as we get nearer to November 2015, when Snowdrops at The Star and Sixpence will be published. But for now, let me hand you a glass of virtual fizz and raise a toast to a glittering 2015, when this little dream of mine will come true.


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