Cupid’s Arrows – Alexandra Brown

It looks like we have a situation here – Alexandra Brown and Sasha Wagstaff are going head-to-head over Tom Hardy! So I’m taking the unprecedented step of posting two Cupid’s Arrows on the same day. Here’s Alexandra’s case for claiming him:

“When Holly asked who I’d shoot with Cupid’s arrow, I knew right away… TOM HARDY of course. Now EVERYONE knows how much I adore him, I even named the drop-dead gorge hot love interest in Cupcakes At Carrington’s after Tom, so imagine my devastation when I found out that my friend (hmmm), Sasha Wagstaff, has her sights set on him too.

SO, please know Sasha, and anyone else who wants to steal him away from me that he’s ALL MINE. And here’s why.

In the acknowledgments for Cupcakes at Carrington’s I confess to falling flat on my face after attempting a running bodyslam at the hottest actor on earth, and well, yes it was TOM HARDY. Cringe. But next time, Tom. Oh yes, next time! I bet he CAN NOT wait …

And did you know that he’s read my book! FAINTS. He even sent me this picture…

Whaaaat? Of course he did, don’t tell me he was fibbing.

Here he is snuggling a puppy… Sweet Jesus, this man is practically perfect.


And in case anybody is in any doubt that he’s… ALL MINE. Did I mention the time he stayed overnight in my actual bed? Oh yes, in my dreams… but that’s a whole other story which I’m not ready to share just yet. I need to savour the memory to myself for just a little while longer. But let me tell you this, it’s true, he’s FIT AS…. and with tatts to die for. Mm-mmm.”

Thanks, Alexandra! Well, I like Sasha…and I like Alexandra…but which one deserves Tom Hardy? There’s only one way to find out…FIGHT!


Alexandra’s latest book is Cupcakes At Carrington’s

Georgie Hart had it all – as a top personal shopper in London, the heady world of Mulberry launch parties and Louis Vuitton goody bags meant she was living the dream. But all that extravagance took its toll on her bank balance and it was time to stop drinking champagne on beer money.
Now Georgie runs the luxury bag concession at Carrington’s Department store in the pretty seaside town of Mulberry Bay and her lavish spending is confined to a red velvet cupcake with butter cream icing in Carrington’s cafe.
But her plans for a quiet life are thwarted when Carrington’s goes into a recession-busting makeover and soon, with the arrival of Maxine, wielding the axe in her immaculately-manicured hands, Georgie is fighting not only for her job, but also for the attentions of her dishy boss, James. And when newcomer Tom arrives, who may or may not be the best thing since sliced bread, Georgie must decide where her loyalties really lie…

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