Cupid’s Arrows – Essie Fox

Essie Fox is aiming Cupid’s Arrows into the past today:

“Dear Cupid,

Could you possibly manage some time travelling to bring my heartthrob back to life?

You see, when I was researching my latest historical novel (about a handsome young photographer, and the beautiful young woman whose picture he takes) I came across this old picture of a man called Robert Cornelius.

Not only was Robert handsome, but also very clever – creating a chemical process that helped to speed development times in the earliest art of photography. But what’s really startling about this self-portrait – taken over 150 years ago – is that Robert looks as contemporary, as real and ‘alive’ as any other young man who you might happen to pass on the street today. He could be in a fashion shot. He could be a moody musician. You could almost reach out and touch him – talk to him – desire him.

And, as an extra lure, why not have a look at this tumblr page:  My Daguerreotype Boyfriend – a.k.a. Where Early Photography Meets Extreme hotness.

Essie xx”

Thanks, Essie!


Essie latest book is called Elijah’s Mermaid.

Saved from the Thames one foggy night, a baby girl is raised in The House of the Mermaids – a brothel that becomes the closest thing to home. But, despite being cosseted and spoiled by the Madame, when she reached the age of 14, she is sold to the highest bidder – an artist who is obsessed with painting her as a nymph or mermaid. And while living in that artist’s house, she meets Elijah, a young photographer, embarking on an affair with dark and dangerous results.

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