Cupid’s Arrows – Jan Jones

Jan Jones is getting all hot under the collar for a certain LOTR star. I must say, she’s got impeccable taste. And also, he’s mine…

“Oh, Viggo Mortenson, please, if Cupid would be so kind. Because he’s gorgeous, and intelligent, and he gets into the skin of the roles he plays, just as I do with the characters I write. And he’s gorgeous, and he was the hero of my first book (Stage by Stage). And I still have posters of him as Aragorn scattered about my home and throughout my computer to give me inspiration. and did I mention that he’s gorgeous?”

Thanks, Jan! Any excuse for another photo of Aragorn.

Jan is mostly working on serials at the moment so keep an eye out for those. You can catch Jan on Twitter at @janjonesauthor or at her website

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  1. Jan Jones Says:

    Mmmmm, lovely photo. That hair, those eyes…

    (I don’t mind sharing, Holly. As it’s you.)

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