Cupid’s Arrows – Jon Rance

Jon Rance has stopped by and he’s had a near miss or two with Cupid before:

“Cupid, oh, cupid. Imagine having the power to choose who the little cherub would shoot just for you.¬†

Let’s go back to 1988 and it would have been Kylie Minogue. I had a huge crush on her. I even had a Kylie calendar on my wall. I thought we’d end up together, but in the words of the great lady herself, I should be so lucky. Fast forward a few years and it would have been the lovely Jennifer Aniston in Friends. The hair, the face, the nipple shirts and her up and down relationship with Ross. She was every young man’s dream, but she was unfortunately shot with the Brad Pitt arrow before I had my chance – seriously, I had a shot.¬†Then it was the Noughties and along came my wife. She wasn’t Kylie or Jennifer, but more importantly, as it turned out, she was my true love.


So who would it be? Who would I shoot with cupid’s arrow? It depends who you ask. Fourteen year old me would have gone with Kylie. Twenty year old me for Jen, but thirtysomething me? My wife every time – just to remind her why we fell in love in the first place. And it doesn’t hurt to be reminded once in a while. Of course, my wife might choose Justin Timberlake or Josh Duhamel, and then if forced, I might go for Zooey Deschanel or Mila Kunis – just saying.”

Thanks, Jon! I have the teensiest girly crush on Jennifer Aniston myself.
Jon’s latest book is This Thirtysomething Life
A romantic comedy for anyone who is, has been or is ever likely to be a grown up.Being a thirtysomething man isn’t easy (especially when you still yearn to be a twentysomething man). Meet Harry Spencer. History teacher, lover of snack food and terrified of growing up. However, when his wife Emily drops the P-Bomb, Harry is suddenly thrust into the role of expectant father. When he’s tempted by the greener grass of an ex-girlfriend past, Harry has to make the most important decision of his life. Does he have what it takes to become a man, or will he succumb to the lure of adolescent fantasy?

This is a love story about what happens after we’ve fallen in love, when we’ve swapped frolicking in the bed for cigarettes in the shed and Match of the Day for Mothercare. Brutally honest, laugh-out-loud funny and heart-warming, this is a diary about one man’s bumbling journey on the road to adulthood.

Catch Jon on Twitter at @JRance75 or on his website

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