Cupid’s Arrows – Kate Johnson

Here’s Kate Johnson with her pick for Cupid’s attentions. I’ve got a mild sense of déjà-vu…

“Okay, Cupid. This one might need a bit of extra work, because first of all we need to bring him to life. No, not in a Frankenstein way, in a Pygmalion way. You see, I’ve fallen in love with my own creation. When I created Will Harker he was so incredibly heroic I had to create an entire world to fit him into. And I might have got a teensy bit obsessed along the way. Especially when I pretend he looks just like Richard Armitage. Which he does, because I created him and I say so. He’s all broad-shouldered and stubbled and scarred and hard and muscular and…

Sorry, getting a bit carried away there. Look, I’ve made you a special arrow with his name on it. Carved into it, in fact. With a Stanley knife. Cut my finger doing that. I mean, you can’t say I don’t suffer for love, Cupid. Yes, I know he’s holding a big gun, but don’t worry, he probably won’t shoot you. Just don’t let him see your bow, because he has Views on people who aim weapons at him. And…what? No, he’s not in a particularly bad mood, he always scowls like that. It’s sexy. No, it is.

Look, just fire the arrow, would you? I need someone to kiss this finger better.”

Thanks, Kate! Harker sounds like my kind of hero.

Kate’s next book is called Impossible Things and will be out in 2014 from Choc Lit. Its hero is almost as manly as Harker, too.

You can catch her on Twitter at @K8JohnsonAuthor or on her website

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