Cupid’s Arrows – Katy Regan

Katy Regan is asking Cupid for a favour today and she’s fallen for her own hero too:

“CLEARLY I put all my matchmaking skills into my writing, because although Mr Right has so far failed to materialise in my real life, every guy I write into my novels seems to be the fictional equivalent! I dream him up!  If I could fire Cupid’s arrow at anyone, therefore, it would have to be Fraser Morgan, main male character in my most recent novel HOW WE MET. Fraser is my perfect man: slightly shabby around the edges, brooding, emotional, tendency to sit on his bed and write melancholic lyrics. PLUS he’s funny (if I dare say so myself) and doesn’t know how good looking he is. Also, he invited the girl he was in love with over, and got so drunk with nerves he totally screwed up the moussaka he was supposed to be making. She snogged his face off anyway.  MAN AFTER MY OWN HEART!”

Thanks, Katy! Fraser sounds divine, and he cooks – I’m a bit in love with him myself…


Katy’s latest book is How We Met

There are some people you can’t imagine life without.

What, at the end of it all, is really important?

Liv and her friends can’t imagine a life different from now: freedom, lifelong friendships, and dreams that are still within their reach.

Then, Liv dies.

For those left behind – Mia, Fraser, Anna, Norm and Melody – everything stops. Their lives and dreams are frozen in time.

In the years that follow, they decide to meet on Liv’s birthday to raise a toast and celebrate her life, even though none of them are living their own – not really. Time marches inexorably on, and yet without Liv, the lynchpin of the group, they are all flailing. Mia and Fraser are quietly falling apart because of the secret they share and, as truths are unearthed and their friendships are tested to the limit, they have to ask themselves – is it time to get on with the business of actually living?

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