Cupid’s Arrows – Stella Knightley

It’s Stella Knightley’s turn to pick a target for our friend with the big bow today and she’s gone for someone I suspect more than a few people will agree with. Watch out, Stella, you’ve got competition for this one:

“I’d ask Cupid to shoot his arrow back in time and bag Javier Bardem before he married Penelope Cruz. The first film I saw him in was ‘No country for all men’ and even in that awful wig, I could tell he was something special. On paper, it just shouldn’t work. He definitely doesn’t have the perfect symmetry of the average Hollywood heart-throb but he has an animal magnetism that the likes of Tom Cruise can only dream of. It’s so potent that no amount of bad hair can disguise it. Even in Skyfall, wearing a blond hair-piece made out of dead ferret, Javier Bardem stole the show.

Of course, it was ‘Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona’ that brought the possibility of Bardem as a top class crush to a wider audience. How could any girl refuse to join his character, louche artist Juan Antonio, on a jaunt? The accent is a big part of his appeal. He could read out a shopping list and I would hear it as poetry. He also has a sensuality that suggests he won’t be jumping out of bed and going to the gym to get his exercise on a Sunday morning.

But I shouldn’t be thinking like this. Alas, Javier is already spoken for and Cupid will have to look elsewhere on my behalf. At least I can console myself that his gorgeous wife truly is the perfect match for his brooding beauty. Tom Cruise or Javier Bardem? There’s no doubt in my mind that Penelope made the right choice.”

Thanks, Stella! I’m off to watch Vicky, Cristina, Barcelona


Stella’s latest book is The Girl Behind The Mask

Leaving the heartache of sexual betrayal behind her in London, historian Sarah Thomson intends to make the most of her research trip to Venice. But she soon finds her attention consumed by mysterious millionaire Marco Donato. Despite their deepening relationship, however, the handsome playboy persists in playing a secretive game. What exactly is Marco hiding? The subject of Sarah’s research is eighteenth-century Venetian Luciana Giordano. At a time when debauchery is the city’s favourite pastime, virginal Luciana is kept out of trouble by a zealous chaperone – until she meets a man who promises to help her escape her restraints. But just what does the worldly stranger want to teach her in return?

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