Cupid’s Arrows – The Hot Parade

I’ve been so inspired by everyone else’s instructions for Cupid that I couldn’t resist having another go myself – well it is my blog, after all! But instead of choosing just one target (and if you know me at all, you can probably guess who that might be), I thought I’d come up with very own Hot Parade (see what I did there?), made up of those men who’ve been inexplicably overlooked in the last month – cue the TOTP music:

10) Sir Patrick Stewart – Captain of the Starship Enterprise. He’s been Professor Charles Xavier in X-Men, Macbeth on stage but to me, he’ll always be Jean-Luc Picard.

9) Justin Timberlake – I could listen to him sing all day and he brushes up pretty well too. Minus the N-Sync hair, obviously.

8.) Ryan Reynolds, star of The Proposal and The Green Lantern and owner of an extremely taut bottom.

7)┬áJamie Redknapp – ex-Premiership footballer, M&S model and all-round dish. How Harry Rednapp produced him is anyone’s guess.

6) Idris Elba. How could it be that no one asked Cupid to zing an arrow this man’s way? He is incredibly sexy and his star is totally on the rise.

5) Colin Firth – if I hadn’t fallen head over heels for him as Mr Darcy, he’d have got me with his charmingly bumbling writer in Love Actually.

4) George Clooney – too many amazing performances to mention but I love him best as Danny Ocean.

3) Jake Gyllenhaal – have you seen Prince of Persia? ‘Nuff said.

2) Chris Evans – Captain America himself. What’s not to love about a super-soldier who is also the perfect gentlemen?

1) Ryan Gosling – Mr Photoshop himself. Anyone who knows me won’t be in the least bit surprised by this choice – to me, he is hotness personified and was the inspiration for Cupid. Seriously, imagine him in a toga…mmm…

More Cupid’s Arrows tomorrow but for now, who would you ask Cupid to shoot?

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  1. Pat Says:

    I’ll have a top five.

    5) William Shatner: The Original Series Star Trek, Captain Kirk.
    He’s been TJ Hooker, Denny Crane and a gazillion other things, but always the young version James Kirk to me.

    4) Nicolas Cage: In City of Angels as Seth. My very own angel, yum!

    3)Daniel Day Lewis: Hawkeye in Last of the Mohicans. He can find me :)

    2)Oded Feyr: Ardeth Bay in The Mummy. Scrumptious.

    1)Arnold Vosloo: Imhotep in The Mummy. Real men do wear skirts! and if you laugh, remember, he’ll be ruling the World..

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