Cupid’s Arrows – Valerie-Anne Baglietto

It’s Valerie-Anne Baglietto’s turn to take control of Cupid’s bow today and she’s not taking any chances:

“OK, so I’d ask Cupid to shoot my husband. Before any of my friends reading this start phoning me up to find out what’s wrong, I want to assure them that everything is fine. In fact, it’s great. Which is why I want the love of my life shot, as an insurance policy.

Many moons ago, in a state of newly-wed bliss and with an abundance of early-pregnancy hormones churning around inside me, I announced to a roomful of lovely RNA ladies at the Savoy that I could never write about a more perfect romantic hero than my husband. I seem to remember there was a collective sigh, and my DH went rather red, rather like he does when he’s been out in the sun for longer than fifteen minutes.

Three kids and two guinea pigs later, I still feel the same. I don’t want anything to change, so to make doubly certain that he stays my perfect hero, please could Cupid fire a little arrow in his direction and ta-dah – happily ever after (in spite of the fact that I am a total control freak and even manage to scare myself sometimes)!”

Thanks, Valerie. Can I get an ‘Awwwwww’?


Valerie-Anne’s latest book is Once Upon A Winter

Marrying the man of your dreams might be more literal than you think.

For Nell Jones the dream wasn’t to last, and after struggling for years to bring up her twins on her own, she returns home to her family and the picture-book Welsh village where she grew up.

While Nell’s daughter seems more or less a typical nine-year-old, her son isn’t exactly average. No one can quite say why he is the way he is, until the village ‘psychic’ meets him for the first time. Suddenly, Nell has to question whether the husband who abandoned her seven years earlier was everything he seemed.

Without warning one night, he reappears in her life, throwing everything into disarray again and jeopardising a potential new romance. But whether she wants to or not, and regardless of the consequences, Nell is about to discover just how fine a line it is between fact … and fairytale.

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