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Cupid is overwhelmed with letters from the lovelorn and has asked me if I can help out. So here’s one I picked out – totally at random – and I thought maybe you might like to have a go at answering it:

Dear Cupid
Can you help? I met this guy at a party and we really hit it off. He’s totally hot – like a young Leonardo DiCaprio and I think he fancied me, too. After the party, he tracked me down on Facebook and we had this mind-blowing conversation messaging back and forth all night.

The problem is our families – they don’t get on, some sort of ridiculous feud after his dad cut three feet of the hedge at the back of our garden or something. I know my dad would seriously flip out if he knew I was messaging this guy but we really had a connection.
So what should I do? Block him and forget about it? Or should I take a chance and get to know him better?
Jules x

Send your suggestions for Jules to me by Sunday 30th June (at hollyhauthor at and I’ll pass them onto Cupid. The best one will be published on the site on Monday 1st July, with links and bragging rights on Twitter, and you’ll earn the title of Cupid’s Little Helper, plus his undying gratitude (which, you don’t need me to tell you, could come in really handy sometime).

So what are you waiting for? Get thinking!

Holly xx

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