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I’m delighted to welcome Ella Harper to The Star and Sixpence today for the inaugural (not to mention delicious) Last Orders post. Over to you, Ella!


“I love cocktails. Absolutely love them. If I enter a bar that has a cocktail menu, I find it very hard to order a
‘normal’ drink. I like to sample cocktails, find a new one to try.  I adore anything with tequila and I’m a sucker for coconut. But a few years ago, I discovered the delight that is the ‘JAMMIE DODGER’. And I haven’t looked back since.

Now. Technically, a Jammie Dodger isn’t a cocktail. It’s a shot. The origins of this drink appear to be largely unknown (a fact I was unaware of to be honest, but I did some research especially for this piece – and what fun it was). It is believed that this shot was inspired by the famous biscuit of the same name. A very cute biscuit, I always find…two shortbread biscuits sandwiched together with raspberry jam with a sweet little heart cut out in the top biscuit, revealing the jammy centre.

The recipe for a Jammie Dodger is as follows:

chambord¾ shot of Chambord Liqueur

¼ shot of single cream

Rim – decorated with a biscuit crumb (if you’re in a classy bar) or a sugar rim if er…not.

The procedure is as simple as this: Pour the liqueur in and top it with some cream. Over the back of a spoon, if you’re feeling fancy. Dip the rim, add biscuit crumb or sugar. Or don’t bother if you don’t want to – this shot is delicious just as it is. Easy peasy!

It’s not just the taste of these little beauties that makes them so fabulous. It’s the effect. Seriously. These innocuous-looking drinks pack a punch. They’re cute and seemingly innocent, but a few rounds of these and people start losing their inhibitions. They start laughing. And dancing. Honestly, it’s quite hilarious to watch. Well, I’m assuming it’s hilarious; I wouldn’t know because I’m too busy laughing and dancing.

jammie dodgers

On a more poignant note, this drink reminds me of key moments in my life. It’s birthday celebrations, it’s hen parties, it’s fun, girly nights out. Not that this drink is just for girls; I’ve seen many a guy down one of these. And guys love them as much as girls do. A Jammy Dodger is a sweet little drink but it’s a unisex number. Suitable for all occasions. I recommend this shot to anyone and everyone…I’ve converted guys and girls at the bar as I’m ordering…and I haven’t had one negative response to date. Everyone loves this cheeky little shot!

So there you have it. It’s my favourite shot and I hope some of you read this and give it a try. And fall in love with it the way I’m in love with it. And I hope it might become a drink that’s synonymous with great nights out for you the way it is for me. Jammie Dodger. Note it down, give it a try. Go on, you know you want to…”

Thanks, Ella – you’re right, I REALLY want to try one of these now. I mean, it’s practically research if you’re writing a series set in a pub, right?

Ella’s new book, The Years of Loving You, is out now:The Years of Loving You

When Molly is diagnosed with a life changing illness, it feels like her whole world has come crashing down. She hopes the news will make her marriage to Sam stronger. But why does Molly always call best friend Ed in a crisis?

Ed. The very same Ed that Molly fell in love with at a party when they were teenagers, underneath a star-filled sky. Then life took them in very different directions. They could only ever be friends.

Suddenly Molly starts to question every decision she’s ever made. What if they could turn back the clock? Back to the very beginning. When the only certainty they shared was each other …

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