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Louise Marley Pub I’m welcoming lovely Louise Marley to the blog today, with a glimpse of the pubs of her youth. And do scroll down to the end to read the description of her latest book, which is perfect for Friday 13th…

“Although I now live in Wales I grew up in Hampshire, where every village had a pub – or six! Nightclubs were expensive, so my friends and I would head to a different pub each Saturday night, taking it in turns to be the designated driver. There was the Swordfish, surrounded by pine trees and overlooking the sea, and the Belle Vu, which we loved for the long list of cocktails we never quite got to the end of. The Rising Sun, beside the River Hamble at Warsash, was handily within walking distance, but my favourite was the Lone Barn at Bursledon.

As the name suggests, the Lone Barn was a real 19th century barn, which had been moved brick-by-brick from Winchester and relocated beside another pub called the Fox & Hounds. It was very rustic, with farming tools hanging up around the walls, a flagstone floor and a couple of stuffed owls perched up high on the exposed oak beams. At least, I hope they were stuffed – they certainly never moved! The seats were either hacked from wooden barrels or on long wooden benches, and every Easter a hot cross bun would be nailed to one of the beams for good luck. Where the Belle Vu had fancy cocktails, with more piña than colada, the Lone Barn’s speciality was fruit wines, with every flavour you could imagine. And we managed to work our way through every single one!


The Lone Barn made such an impression it eventually made it into Smoke Gets in Your Eyes as ‘the Stables’. Unlike the Swordfish and the Belle Vu, which were both turned into flats, the Lone Barn is still there, slightly smarter now, as part of a pub/restaurant chain.

Apart from the exotic alcohol, I suspect the main appeal of visiting all these pubs was the chance to meet a prospective boyfriend – infinitely preferable to dating one of the boys we’d been at school with! Ironically, when I did finally meet the man who was to become my husband, I didn’t meet him in a pub or a nightclub – I met him in a Jacuzzi!

But that’s a whole other story!”

Thanks, Louise! Now I’m wondering whether there should be more than one pub in Little Monkham…


Louise Marley writes romantic comedy and romantic suspense. She lives in Wales, surrounded by fields of sheep, and has a beautiful view of Snowdon from her window. Her first published novel was Smoke Gets in Your Eyes, which was a finalist in Poolbeg’s Write a Bestseller competition. She has also written articles for the Irish press and short stories for UK women’s magazines such as Take a Break and My Weekly. Her latest book is Something Wicked.



Twitter: @LouiseMarley

Something Wicked

Katrina Davenport has opened a coffee shop and bookstore at the notorious Raven’s Cottage, once the home of a 17th century witch known as Magik Meg. The locals have told Kat stories, of how the cottage is haunted by the witch and her demon lover, but Kat doesn’t believe in witches, or ghosts, or anything going bump in the dead of night. Every strange occurrence must have a perfectly logical explanation.

Unfortunately it doesn’t really matter what Kat believes, because something wicked has returned to Raven’s Cottage.

And this time it’s come for Kat.



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