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Sue M A very warm Star and Sixpence welcome to Sue Moorcroft, who is taking us on a trip to another fictional watering hole today…

“Blaggard’s Bar

I can’t show you a picture of Blaggard’s Bar in Camden Town, London, because it exists only in my head and within the pages of my next book.*

Blaggard’s Bar is in Camden High Street, not far from the markets, and its midnight blue door spangled with stars opens onto a noisy, crowded bar. As it’s Christmas, the rough-hewn wooden pillars are strung with fairy lights and mistletoe tied with red and black ribbon. Blaggard’s is about crowds and diversity; suits mixing happily with gothic black or steampunk satin. It’s always full, getting served is a battle, but nobody minds because it’s such a buzzy place to be.

Ava Blissham loves Blaggard’s Bar so it’s not surprising she chooses to begin her story there, over a couple of glasses of her favourite Zinfandel Rosé (she loves its delicate colour). Blaggard’s is a mixed experience, that evening, though. She does finally get to meet her best friend’s boss, Sam ‘the big important man’ Jermyn, but also has a scary encounter with her drunken ex-boyfriend, Harvey, in a dusty corridor with dirty walls and crates of empty bottles smelling of stale beer.

Blaggard’s Bar is suddenly not the haven Ava’s always thought it. Harvey knew he’d find her there. Its happy Christmas throng doesn’t deter Harvey from threatening and trying to humiliate her. For once, Ava cuts her evening at Blaggard’s short.

*Scheduled for publication in September 2016 with Avon HarperCollins UK. I can’t yet tell you the title but it’s likely to include the words ‘Ava’ and ‘Christmas’.”

Award winning author Sue Moorcroft writes contemporary women’s fiction with occasionally unexpected themes.



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  1. Sue Moorcroft Says:

    Thank you for inviting me onto your lovely blog, Holly! :-) And for joining me and Ava for a glass of zinfandel.

  2. Jan Jones Says:

    Sounds intriguing, Sue!

  3. Hollyhepburn Says:

    Thanks, Sue! Can’t wait to explore Blaggers Bar more with Ava next year!

  4. Hollyhepburn Says:

    Doesn’t it, Jan?

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